What Kind of Customer are You?

Have you ever gone into a coffee shop to start your day?  Have you ever given  a thought about what kind of customer you are?  Have you ever gone into a coffee establishment and was greeted by the barista with a smile and a “Good morning,” and all you could do was bark out what order you want?  If you are having a bad day and the barista is the first person you come in contact with, do you take it out on her?  Have you ever come across a barista whom you thought rude because she found herself “mirroring” you? You probably caught her off guard, if not, shocked her sensibilities. Did you ever consider the barista being anything else  besides the person who is there only to serve you your coffee?   Have you ever gone into a coffee shop when you were in a hurry and felt it was  the barista’s fault that you were not getting to where you need to go fast enough?  It never occurred to you that if you had gotten up earlier you would have had more time.  Speaking of being in a hurry; have you ever gone into a coffee shop or a drive thru where the lines are maybe 10 people or 7 cars deep and you chose to get in line anyways?    While in that line, you see the barista up ahead waiting on a customer. She is smiling, making animated hand gestures, small talking and all the while multitasking to get her customer’s order completed in a timely manner and you mistook her for being too slow and felt you had to complain to the manager after your order was filled. You weren’t aware that the customer she was waiting on was hearing impaired and after completing her order,  had to wait for this customer to pull out of her purse a plastic bag of change and count out her payment. While  she kept up her smile, she saw you and saw how annoyed you were thinking she was having a good old-time on your time.  Are you the customer that want a pastry and when the barista have it bagged for you, you decide you wanted it heated?  She doesn’t mind, but it would have been nice if you had asked for a warmed coffee cake or warmed scone when ordering. You see that third person in line doesn’t know that she had to take an additional 15 seconds to complete your order.  What I am trying to convey to you is that the barista is not ignoring you or valuing your time less. When you get up to the counter, I’m  sure you would get the same attention and get your order completed in a timely manner.   I know I would.  You see my  goal is to make you a happy return customer and the person whose name I’m going to remember and maybe whose drink order I might remember too.  Are you the customer who heard me welcome the “regulars” by name and often whose drink I remember?  Or are you the customer who comes up to the counter and says, “Give me my regular.” or “You should know my name by now, I come in here often enough.” Yet, you don’t know my name or the other barista’s, nor have you ever asked us what our name are.  Maybe the next time the barista serves you your coffee,  you could thank them by name. Try it. That would make their day. If you think this  doesn’t fits into how you want to do things, may I make a suggestion? Read Dale Carnegie’s book: How to Win Friends and Influence People. When you put your interest into others, amazing results will happen. Like having the barista remember your name and drinks.

After putting in a full day at work (5am to 12:30pm), all I have on my mind is getting back to my blog. I decided to continue and not worry about writing styles, punctuation or grammar.   You may have permission to do it for me. (smile)

Today, I was surprised that all the customers who came into the store,   came in  with smiles and good moods. I had to make a comment to each of them, well, most of them,  about how wonderful it is to  see such happy people.  They made my day.  Were you one of them?  I was  to work until 9:15 this morning, but since I was put  in such  a good mood, I volunteered to trade shifts with another barista who was very tired and wanted to leave early. I stayed later.  The day went by so fast, I almost hated to leave work.  I love my job. I love my customers. Maybe I had too much caffeine today. Just kidding.